Airfix 1/72 Brewster Buffalo

Airfix 1/72 Scale Brewster Buffalo F2A-1/2  Kit#A02050


I got this kit for the “Animal” build challenge in the club.  It took longer than I expected to finish.  I did get it done.


The kit is typical Airfix.  The outside has oversized rivets and raised panel lines.  There is little interior detail.  The good is the interior does have a seat and floor for the pilot and not two pegs from the side of a fuselage half.  It is a good simple kit that is the Buffalo.  The kit has decals for a Buffalo I (F2A-1) for 453 Squadron, Royal Australian Air Force Sembawang, Singapore, December 1941 and F2A-2 Us Navy Fighter Squadron VF-2, USS Lexington, 1941.  The RAAF is the temperate scheme with the underside half flat black and half Sky Type S.  The USN is the classic aluminum and yellow for the prewar Navy Aircraft.  I choose the RAAF because of the underside.


Building is straight forward.  Since it was built by Brewster here in the states, I painted the interior zinc chromate.  The seat was painted aluminum.  The engine I painted steel.  It is deep enough in the cowling that I didn’t do any other detail painting.  There are optional parts depending on which version you build.  Mine used just the RAAF parts.  I left off the arresting hook even though this is not mentioned.  It seems logical it would have been removed if it had been installed by this time.  I left off the glass until painting was done.  The first challenge is step 4 with the cowling.  The cowling is three parts with a front and two sides.  This required a bit of fiddling and filler to get right.  I left the landing gear off until after painting and decaling.  The fit is good with only a bit of filling and seam clean up needed outside of the cowling.


Airfix Brewster Buffalo

Airfix Brewster Buffalo


The paints are only listed by Airfix numbers.  Thankfully I have the IPMS cross references.  This made the colors identifiable.  The colors are RAF Dark Green, RAF Dark Brown, RAF Sky Type S, and Flat Black.


Painting was easy.  I did paint the Sky S fuselage band first and masked it off before painting the rest.  I gloss coated the model and decaled it.  The decals worked great and with Microscale Set and Sol settled down just fine.


Airfix Brewster Buffalo

Airfix Brewster Buffalo

The canopies are a problem.  The rear and middle don’t fit well at all.  The glass on the underside is a touch small for the opening.  Only the front really fits.  I did Future the canopies.  That made oopses from hand painting easy to clean up with a toothpick.  Another thing to be careful with is the landing gear.  The gear is an oleo that is built into the gear doors.  This cause problems for Navy birds after several landings as the gear would get out of alignment and not work right.  Here the oleo is attached to the door by a small piece of plastic.  Be gentle when putting on the wheels and attaching the landing gear.  This can be easy to bend or break.  I only bent mine.  I didn’t break it.


The kit is built out of the box.  It looks good in the curio.  You can tell it is a Buffalo.  Discounting the canopy problems, it is a good kit for a beginner modeler with a couple of kits done or for others as a quick kit to build.  I don’t think aftermarket parts are worth the expense to dress up this kit.  Then you have all those huge rivets and panel lines to deal with.  It only creates more work and problems.  So enjoy the kit as it is.  The RAAF scheme is a neat addition to most collections.


Airfix Brewster Buffalo

Airfix Brewster Buffalo



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