Porsche 935-78 Prototype

Porsche 935-78 Prototype, Entex #9502 1:28 scale

This model represents the car as it was initially presented to the FIA for approval prior to racing for the first time.  The low rear wing and fully enclosed door panels are the distinguishing features for this version. Later versions had partially enclosed doors to meet FIA requirements and a raised rear wing.  I started with Entex kit #9502 which is a re-box of the motorized Nitto kit according to Scalemates.com.  This was supposed to be a quick build between other projects, but now, almost three years later, it is finally done.

Although labeled as 1:25 scale, the kit is noticeably smaller than the 1:24 Scale Gunze Sangyo Porsche 935-78.

Starting with the interior, I was disappointed that there were no roll cage details so that is where I started down the slippery slope of Advanced Modelers Syndrome. I tried scratch building the roll cage out of bead wire and solder before settling on evergreen plastic rod. I made templates out of cardboard for some of the main shapes.

The panels at the rear of the interior were painted a yellow-tan combination to look like raw fiberglass.

The instrument panel was detailed using a combination of painting and decals.  Once everything was dry, the gauges were coated with Micro crystal clear to create a clear lens.

I also decided to add seatbelts using seatbelt hardware from Replicas and Miniatures.  I experimented with several different materials for belts including lead foil and paper before using narrow ribbon.

I used very faint grey and brown washes to darken the edges of the interior.  I thought I had lost the shifter, so I made a new one from a map pin with the head sanded down.

Once the interior detailing was complete, I glued in the roll cage.


I didn’t like the colors or sizes of the Martini decals in the kit, so I found an image online and printed my own.  I did the same thing for the Porsche emblem.  When I was more than half way through the project I found a sheet of Martini decals from Virages that probably would have worked.

The body was primed with Mr Surfacer 500 and sanded before painting with Tamiya Gloss white out of a spray can.

After the decals were applied I coated the model with Future and then used bare metal foil on the hood latches and fuel fillers. I later used a dark grey wash to highlight the fender vents and fuel fillers.

While test fitting the body to the chassis, I noticed that I could see completely through the wheel wells from one side to the other.  I used sheet plastic to create wheel wells to block the openings.

The window trim was painted semi-gloss black before the windows were installed.  The front headlights were painted silver and then I covered the molded lens with bare metal foil to look more realistic.  The turn signals were covered with foil and then a drop of Tamiya Clear Orange was used to make them look amber. I added some small strips of evergreen square styrene rod inside the front opening to create a lip for the screen to be attached to.  The screen was made from some spare metal mesh I had and painted dark blue before being affixed to the front.

Creating the clear headlight covers looked to be more of a challenge than I wanted, so I didn’t bother with them. Overall I am happy with how the final product turned out.  It was meant to be a quick build, not a detailed contest project, but it ended up somewhere in between.  Some additional photos can be seen at this link: Porsche 935-78 build photos on Google

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