Hasegawa F6F-5E in GLORIOUS SEA BLUE…or “Another one rescued from…….wait for it……..THE SHELF OF DOOOOOOMMMM!


This is the Hasegawa F6F-3 that I screwed up while TRYING to remove the plastic for the windows behind the cockpit. After a time…long time, I decided to fix it and build a -5 version. After looking through all of my Hellcat pics one, the -5E, jumped out at me and said “BUILD ME” (Maybe I should lay off on having late night hot cocoa?). I decided to add a few aftermarket items including the True Details cockpit & wheels, Obscureco cowling, Squadron canopy (just the sliding part as the kit part does not fit), Quickboost AN/APS-4 radar pod and some wiring for the brake lines and engine. IMG_5585IMG_5591 I used Tamiya XF-17 to finish it and used a hodgepodge of decals to come up with these markings.-5E As you can see, this particular Hellcat had an argument  with the island of the USS Sangamon (CVE-26)….I believe the island won. The Hasegawa F6F kit is a pretty easy build and is fairly well detailed out of box but I was suffering from a slight bout of AMS and wanted to try and do more. in case you’re wondering, the -5E was equipped with the AN/APS-4 radar pod that was jettisonable (Yep, had to look up the spelling on that!)IMG_5588 and the thinking was if you needed to, you could drop it. I’m sure some bean counter said “LIKE HECK! You aint droppping one of these or I’ll have your @#$!” So they used the AN/APS-6 instead and called em F6F-5Ns, thus ends our brief history lesson. Back to the kit, one thing that I don’t care for are the wing tip lights as Hasegawa does not provide these and I should have scratched some out but I was getting lazy by that time….NEXT TIME!  The engine is pretty nice and just needs the harness to spruce it up a bit. I used some craft wire from Michaels (Love those craft stores!!) and it turned out fairly nice.IMG_5615IMG_5600 The True Details resin cockpit is nice but I had to scratch out a radar screen as the -5E was a little different from the -5N, not really a big deal but it was small. HEY, I know it’s there and that’s what counts!IMG_5569IMG_5555 I am becoming more of a fan of the resin seats with the harness molded into it. MUCH easier for me than pre-painted P/E. The canopy on this kit is just…..well….ahhh…..let’s say goofy. The wind screen fits perfect but the canopy or sliding part didn’t fit in the open OR closed position. I ended up using the kit windscreen with the Squadron vac. canopy and life was good…..very good.IMG_5552IMG_5553 I used the True Details resin wheels and as usual, they looked nice. The brake line is more craft wire from Michaels and I should mention the gauge but I forgot what it was…sorry! I used a semi gloss coat for the upper surfaces but left the underside a little more glossy as the sun doesn’t normally shine there….at least I hope not! The external tank was flat coated due to many pictures I have seen of those looking rather rough. I used pencil lead for the exhaust and shell ejection chute staining. IMG_5594IMG_5601 All in all I am happy with how this turned out and it is a lesson for me to not give up because I mess up a bit. (Trust me, I wanted to round file this when I messed up the rear windows) Anyway, I hope you like. (HOW CAN YOU NOT LIKE A HELLCAT IN GSB??????) Thanks for reading my ramblings!!!!!

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