ICM 1/35 G917T (1939 production) German Army Truck.

I could descried this truck like this, (In my best bad hollywierd German accent) “Zis ees zee vonder veapon zat veel win zee war! AHHAHAHAHAHA!!!” or like this (In my best good ole boy accent) “This is my Ford truck, we haul stuff in it, on the road, in the country….then we get drunk.” Ok I heard you, I’ll shut up and tell you about the model. This is a truck built in a Colonge Ford plant and roughly 25,00 were built from 1939-1941. ICM has done a very nice job in bringing more of the soft skin vehicles out, (That new Typ 2,5-32 with Shelter, WWII German Ambulance Truck looks pretty cool!) and this one is very nice. They give you enough detail that OOB it looks pretty darn good but still could use some scratch work. (See the engine pic.) One thing about ICM is their molds and how thin some of the plastic really is. Never mind that you can break it easily just by bumping it, some parts are a challenge just to get off the sprue! (My steering wheel was in 5 parts when I got it and it was only spose to be 1!!)G917T Left front G917T Right sideG917T Engine

The assembly is pretty straight forward and I had no real bad fit issues but I did not care for how the tires went together. I know, only the two outer rear tires show the seam, but that is enough.G917T Left side G917T Underside G917T Front

The suspension, drive train & exhaust all look nice when finished but the instructions threw me into a fit of rage, well maybe just a heavy sigh, when they had me put the exhaust on AFTER the front suspension. Maybe they wanted to challenge the builder??? The doors can be posed in the open or closed position but the contact points are REALLY small if you want them open. (Mine broke off on the way to the meating!) What is kind of annoying is that the hood can’t really be posed open unless you do a little scratch work, not sure why they did that. Also the tail gate is closed and unless you do surgery and scratch work, it’s going to stay that way.G917T Right front G917T Rear G917T Top view

I used Testors Acryl  ‘Panzer Schwazgrau’ to paint this. Eventually I will weather it some which is why the underside was painted straight from the bottle. The cab and metal parts of the bed had a small bit of white added and the wood bed had more white added just for a lightly faded look. The decals are nice and crisp went on sorta ok. (Took a good bit of Solvaset to set a couple down though). If you have not built one of the ICM vehicles, try to pick one up at a show, if you can get a deal. They really are pretty nice.G917T Left rear G917T Right rear

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