Intragalatic Transport: 1969

What if…. in 1967 Star Trek had failed as a TV show?  With the show failing to be renewed after the end of the first season due to poor ratings, the studio model of the U.S.S. Enterprise was thrown into a dumpster near the edge of the studio lot. It was here that Ronald, a model builder and science fiction fan who hung out around the studio whenever he wasn’t in school, found the pieces and brought them home. Too large for his room, the parts sat in the garage for several months until he had the inspiration to fit the parts of the studio model to his Suzuki Gemma scooter for an upcoming parade.

The Intragalactic Transport was a popular hit with the parade crowd, especially with Ronald dressed up as the alien character Spock. Now, two years later, the Intragalactic Transport is a little worse for wear without the skills of Scotty to keep her in tip top shape. One nacelle is out of alignment due to a collision/close encounter with a (Chevy) Nova and the paint job is looking a little worn around the edges. Ronald continues to ride I.T. around town but it will just be a matter of time before he saves enough money to buy a car. Maybe someday it will be recognized for what it is, get lovingly restored and end up in a museum.


This model was created using a 1:24 scale Tamiya Suzuki Gemma Scooter and a 1:2500 Scale AMT U.S.S. Enterprise snap kit.  The scooter was a giveaway at an IPMS National convention and came without decals.  The decals from the U.S.S. Enterprise kit represent the studio version of the model.  A few extra window decals from another sheet were used to add more windows near the rear. The scooter halves were assembled and then the starship pieces were carefully cut and fit to the scooter prior to painting. Paint is a custom mix of 1 part Testors 34159 Sac Green, 6 parts 36440 Gull Grey and 24 parts 17875 Insignia white.

Brake levers were made from wire and added to the handle bars. Tire valve stems are wire with a drop of glue for the cap. The floor mat was made from wine bottle foil with textured paint. The plastic stand was replaced with one made from brass wire and rectangular stock. A broken kick start lever was replaced with wire. The turn signals are Tamiya clear orange over Bare Metal Foil.  The brake light/shuttle bay door is Gunze clear red over foil. The license plate is an image of an authentic California motorcycle plate with 1968 and 1969 renewal tags. The instrument panel image was taken from an online photo. Thinned oil paints were used to add some shadows and weathering.  The base is an small plaque painted and weathered to look like pavement.  You can see photos of the build on my Google photos page: Intragalactic Transport Build Photos



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