Pro Modeler & Revell of Germany 1/48 F4U-5N and -5NL in gorgeous GSB!!! OR Two more off the SHELF OF DOOM (add echo effect).

I decided since I had two of these kits I would build em both at the same time as it would make things easy…..right? Both are out of box except the True Details cockpits(Very, VERY nice set) and both are in Korean War era markings. Really, is there anything more lovely than Gloss Sea Blue?!!! 🙂 IMG_5095 IMG_5099The Navy bird is a -5NL of VC-4 (The NL is the winterized version with deicers on the wings and tail)and the pro Modeler decals from the kit were used. The Marine version is from VMF (N) 513 and is a basic 5N with a hodge podge of different decals used. (My rant….WHY THE BLEEP CAN’T WE GET DECALS FOR MARINE/NAVY GSB AIRCRAFT!!!!) You will notice that the Navy bird has the flash suppressors and the Marine doesn’t, WHY?, I’m not sure.IMG_5077 IMG_5119You will also notice the bomb load on the Marine bird. Steve asked why and I didn’t want to take up too much time at the meeting, it’s because their first job is to support the infantry. (Remember in the Corps…you’re a rifleman first all the other jobs come second!)IMG_5075 IMG_5109I mentioned how nice the True Details pit was. My meager skills don’t do it justice but the detail is quite nice and was pretty crisp. I like the fact they give you the different control panels for the basic -5 and one for the -5N(I did NOT want to scratch out a 48th scale radar scope…That’s for Larry!)IMG_5091 IMG_5092IMG_5121 IMG_5123These kits are pretty easy to build and the only problem area is the cowl/cowl flaps/engine/fire wall assembly. After having built one of these before I decided to build that area as a sub-assembly and then attach it to the fuselage. It worked out pretty well for me and the next one will be built the same way.(Yes, there are more to build…insert evil laugh here) Next time the engine will get detailedIMG_5070 as will the landing gear, I got lazy and was kind of ready for another shelf of doom kit to finish.IMG_5073 IMG_5111The Navy bird is the Revell of Germany kit in that bloody awful blue plastic finished with Testors Model Master Dark Sea Blue with a coat of Future and the Marine Corsair is the Pro Modeler kit in the light grey plastic finished with Tamiya XF-17 Sea Blue and a coat of Testors Semi-gloss. I did use a little pencil lead for some exhaust staining but not too much…..they looked too nice to dirty up!IMG_5084 IMG_5115All in all I am pleased with how these came out and may have to do a -4 one of these days or maybe a -5 in reserve markings…oh the possibilities!!!!

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