Romulan Bird of Prey – 1/2500 – Clare Wentzel

Romulan Bird of Prey – 1/2500 – Clare Wentzel

Star Trek fans follow the various versions of the franchise with great interest and gleefully note any differences between the various versions.  This model of the Romulan Bird of Prey appeared in some of the Enterprise episodes.  That would make it an “early” Bird of Prey as compared to the somewhat simplistic versions in the original Captain Kirk Star Trek episodes.  I love the looks of this one.

This kit consists of the hull and the two nacelles along with a decal sheet.   The hull is normal resin color and needs to be cleaned up quite a bit.  The nacelles are green tinted translucent resin.  A lot of cleaning is required with these as well.  I suspect that the decals are printed by computer.  The first one that I applied disintegrated as I tried to apply it.  I applied Future to the remaining decals and they set down nicely.

The directions seem to be hand-drawn and show a partial view of the hull indicating the general area where the nacelles are supposed to be glued and where the nacelles are to be masked to let the base color show through to represent the power plants.  It also shows generally where the decals are to be applied.  I ended up using Google to find lots of images of the Romulan Bird of Prey to make myself feel more comfortable with the assembly and the painting.

I obtained the kit from one of the vendors at the Air Zoo contest.  He was a regular vendor at the contest so I wanted to give him a little business as a thanks.  While the kit was somewhat crude, I am pleased with the final appearance and may even look him up again this year for something new and strange.  At this scale, the model is small with a 4 ½ inch span so several can be added to the shelf.

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  1. Clare says:

    Thanks. I forgot to check the images. I screwed that up with the P-43 but fixed it.

  2. Jim Fox says:

    I have no idea what you did wrong Clare. When I clicked on the images they didn’t enlarge right. So I just started over on it. It was the only article it was doing it on.

    I just changed it back over to your name too.

  3. Clare says:

    OK Jimbo, what did I do wrong that caused you to delete the original post and replace it? I thought that this one was working ok the first time.

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