Star Trek USS Voyager 1:2700 scale by Martin Schultz


Here it is April already and I haven’t worked on a model since last November.  Sometimes that is how life goes.  I tried to restart an old project back then (Dragonheart vinyl figure) and after a week or two the motivation wore off.   Recently I was thinking about how to get started again and I remembered there was a company that made an assortment of simple, pre-painted Star Trek kits.  A quick internet search turned up the Japanese company Furuta.   These kits were originally packaged with candy and sold from vending machines from 2003-2006.    Some of them looked to be about the same scale as the 1:2500 scale USS Enterprise I finished last year so they should fit with my growing collection of 1:2500 scale Star Trek ships.   I ordered a couple of kits from a dealer on ebay and they arrived last week.  I decided to start with the USS Voyager.  This kit cost me $15.99

According the memory alpha website,, the USS voyager was part of the volume 2 release in 2006 and measures out to 1:2700 scale.   My kit came in a simple black bag.


Inside were the instructions, a color photo, a two piece stand and four parts.


The kit is snap together and went together very quickly and turns into a reasonable replica of the USS Voyager.  It is about 4.75 inches long when complete.  Here are views of the top and bottom.


My only disappointment is that there is a hole in the top where the part was trimmed from the tree.


I may go back later and touch up the hole with paint so it doesn’t show so bad.  Overall it’s an OK kit for what it is.  Certainly cheaper than the Odyssey Slipways 1:2500 resin kit at $50 and a lot less work.  Next week I’ll build the USS Prometheus.  Stay tuned.

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