Star Trek: Voyager USS Prometheus By Martin Schultz


This is the third Furuta kit that I have built. I purchased this along with the other two kits  on ebay and this one cost me $14.99. This kit was also part of the volume 2 release and scales out at 1:2975. Like the other kit, it came in a simple black bag. There are 4 parts (2 pre-assembled), a 2 piece stand, a color picture and instructions.



Like the other kits in this series, this is a pre-painted snap together kit. Assembly time was about 1 minute. Here are views of the top and bottom.

Top View
Bottom View

The fit and finish are reasonable, but I discovered that one of the lower warp engine nacelles was significantly warped. This left the engines on one side at a significant angle to each other instead of parallel. I dis-assembled the model and took the offending part into the kitchen where I boiled some water and straightened the part out. Two or three dips for 5 seconds or so was enough to restore the correct angle.  Here are the two side views after I was done.


Overall this builds into a nice replica of the USS Prometheus. It doesn’t separate into 3 parts like the ship on the show, but you can’t have everything.

Here is a link to more information about the ship:


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