USAF 4+ Build Challenge Results

I put forward the challenge the club to go big.  The theme was anything USAF with 4 or more engines.  I was in the USAF at mostly SAC bases.  I saw plenty of KC-135s and B-52s.

We see plenty of small models at Show & Tell.  Now we are going bigger!

We were all waiting to see the finished 1/144 scale B-36 that Steve Nelson was working on.  Sadly, neither the B-36 or Steve were there.  Both were AWOL!!!  So we will never know  how it would have faired.

Larry Cherniak brought a 1/72 scale Italeri YB-49.

Larry has spent many, many hours figuring out how to use aluminum foil to get an aluminum finish on this model.  It wasn’t quite finished, but it sure looks nice!

Richard Bauer built a 1/200 model of the HK-1 “Spruce Goose”.  This huge sea plane was to be built for the Army Air Force and not the Navy.  Buy the time it made it’s one flight in November, 1947, it was the USAF.  So if it had went into service, it would have been in the USAF.  The fictitious markings are for MATS Atlantic Command.  I’ll buy that!

Richard had to do much work to correct the fit of the wings.  He did a nice job of capturing the look of silver doped wood for the finish.  Hey Stewart, how about this for your real one???

Clarence Wentzel brought a Minicraft 1/144 model of the C-54 “Candy Bomber” flown by Lt. Gail Halvorsen during the Berlin Airlift.

So this judge and jury looked all three models over very carefully several times noting their pluses and minuses.  To be honest, I liked all three.  Sadly, only one could be selected.  The winner is…………….

Claire Wentzel and his C-54 “Candy Bomber”.  I gave Claire the trophy and the wrapped present.  So what was in the present you ask?

Claire got a sport drink bottle with the Air Force logo.  This is his to keep.  Thanks to the local Air Force Recruiters for donating this for the contest.

Now Claire, we are all waiting for you to name the next challenge!!!  Please don’t keep us waiting too long!

For me, it was nice winning the “Back From The Dead Challenge”.  I look forward to what Claire is dreaming up for us.  Claire, we are all waiting!

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