Adaptable Model Box

Over a period of years, I have developed a system to safely and efficiently carry my models.  The key to the system is a series of “U” shaped supports that support the models. Photo 1 shows a typical “U” support.  The bottom of the “U” is sufficiently high to support the model by the wings and lift the wheels into the air.  The width of the “U” is sufficient to clear the chord of the wing and a thin strip of foam rubber in an elongated “H” shape is placed on top to protect the models.  Finally, two triangles are glued to the sides of the “U” to enable the support to stand alone.

Next the box is chosen and prepared.  I have one small box that holds one or two models and another that holds four or more models.  The bottom and sides of the box is lined with foam-core to enable the supports to be attached as needed.  The sides of the box are also lined with foam-core leaving about a one inch space at the top to support a foam-core cover and provide some space to store model bases, reference etc.  See Photo 2.

To use the system, a support is attached to the bottom of the box.  I use push-pins to hold the supports in place.  The second support is then positioned to support the model by its wings without breaking any gear doors or other underwing parts.  Finally, a strip of foam-core with a strip of foam glued to it is used to hold the model in place.  Again, push-pins are used to hold the strip to the supports and keep the model from moving around.  Again, choose the location of the holding strip so that it doesn’t break any antennas or canopies.  Photo 3 shows how a model can be retained by the system while Photo 4 shows how various supports are arranged in the box to allow a number of models to be carried.  The photo also shows how the side pieces of foam-core allow space for the top cover to fit.  The top cover is very important because it protects the models from being hit by a box flap and provides added strength to the box in addition to the storage space.

Make a number of different size supports to cover the variety of models in your collection.  In some cases, you may also need to make a support for the nose of a particular model in case it can’t be supported totally by the wings.  The process is the same.  As you can see from the photos, you don’t have to be super accurate or neat with the supports and the foam padding as long as it works.  Foam-core is available in art store and craft stores.  The foam that I used is from some carpet padding.

I hope that modelers will enjoy my Adaptable Model box System.  Enjoy and protect those precious models.

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