Academy 1/72 Me-163 Komet

So the Grand Rapids club is having a build where the subject has to fit on a three-inch base (although wings can hang over the edge.) I grabbed the smallest kit in The Stash..the Academy Me-163. Assembly is a no-brainer, with nearly perfect fit.

For the cockpit, I didn’t have anything specifically labeled RLM-66, so I just grabbed an old tin of Humbrol Authentic USAAF Neutral Gray. Looks OK to me. All I added were some tape seat belts.

I couldn’t find two references that agreed with each other as far as the camo pattern, and no two Komets appear to have been painted alike, so I just went with a generic splinter scheme on the wings, and heavy mottling on the tail and fuselage. The RLM-76 Lichtblau and RLM-83 Dunklegrun are Gunze, straight from the bottle. However their version of RLM-81 Brunviolet looked entirely too green to me, so I mixed my own. It’s a two-to-one mix of Gunze Olive Drab and Cocoa Brown. This is the first Lufty Waffy camo I’ve done in ages..came out better than I expected. Once the clearcoat is dry I’ll add the stickers.

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  1. Tim Miller says:

    I have the Revell De. 1/48 Komet, and I plan to do it with the mostly grey camo. Now if I can just find some PE and/or resin for this thing…

  2. Bill says:

    Now to put a small real rocket engine in the tail and a launch lug…….Just kidding Steve! It is looking good! You right about the variations in Me-163 cammo. I have an old 1/32 Tamiya Komet. That kit said to just use the classic RLM 70, 71, and 65 colors in the standard splinter. Then there is my 1/32 Revel Me-262. That bird has a cammo pattern that I know learn is only prototypical to the box art! So in the end, it is YOUR model. Have fun!!!

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