1:48 Otaki Bf-109 G6


She’s up on her gears!  Landing gear is on, wash applied and just about ready for a flat coat.  Got a couple fiddly bits to put on it before I coat.  I’m still hoping to have it completed for the next model meeting in about 9 days, but only time will tell.  I’m dreading taking the canopy masks off.  They’ve been on there a while.  Hope they come off OK and without the canopy popping free of the fuselage.


Yellow 17 has all her decals on and is ready for some washes to dirty her up a bit.  Actually I do see one spot where it looks like I got an air bubble in the future finish that I have to fix but other than that she is ready for weathering.


Well I’m back in the saddle again!  Isn’t there an old cowboy song like that?  I’ve been in a modeling slump for quite a few years now.  I’d tinker with a kit here and there and probably have completed 2 models in the past 4 or 5 years.  I had good intentions with this kit, atleast from a WWII Allied aircraft builders point of view.  One of our inner club contests was something to do with the effect of Down and Dirty,  grungy, dirty, messy, old, etc.  Well my intention with this kit was to build a crash landed 109.  Cause quite frankly nothing looks better than a destroyed Luftwaffe aircraft.  Well the contest had come and gone and along came another inner club contest of 09.  So what the heck, I’ll continue on with this 109 G6 but I got bogged down with no desire.  We’ll I’ve resurrected this one again and now I am cruising along nicely.

Here is what I am shooting for on this model………utilizing a sheet of decals from EagleCal from Eagle Editions.  Gerhard Stamp’s Bf-109 G6 “Yellow 17” from III/JG 300 (top profile)

Being a photographer you would think I documented the progress of this kit along the way……….well I did not.  So I figured I would do a “Finish in Progress” of this one.  I had to put several decals on so I could paint over them as indicated by the decal instructions and artwork.  Below you can see I’ve over sprayed the fuselage crosses and did the random splashes of darker gray across the fuselage.

References are very few on this particular aircraft and it was suggested that the upper wing crosses were possible sprayed over as well, so I went for an overall over spray and a almost complete overspray of the wing crosses.

Next step is to finish the underside painting by blacking out the crosses on the underside.  More progress to come, stay tuned.

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